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Wetlands Management Series

After many years of hard work, the products of a research collaboration between the Water Research Commission (WRC) and SANBI on wetland rehabilitation are now available in hard copy and electronically. A multidisciplinary research team led by Prof Fred Ellery has produced a set of eleven publications focusing on different elements of wetland rehabilitation. These manuals, which have application far beyond just rehabilitation, will assist users to achieve well-informed and effective wetland management and rehabilitation.

What the WET-Management Series offers
The series of wetland management and rehabilitation tools (individually mentioned in brackets) offer a sound scientific basis for planning, implementing and evaluating wetland rehabilitation, providing guidelines to:
• Develop an overall planning framework (WET-RehabPlan); Assessing the condition of catchments and individual wetlands (WET-Health);
ashrae 62.1 api 1104 aws d1.1 • Assessing the functions and values of individual wetlands (WET-EcoServices);
• Evaluating the need for rehabilitation (WET-Prioritise and WET-Legal);
• Identifying why wetlands degrade and what rehabilitation interventions are appropriate (WET-Origins and WET-RehabMethods);
• Guiding the selection and implementation of rehabilitation methods (WET-RehabMethods); and

replica watches  • Monitoring the success of rehabilitation projects (WETRehabEvaluate and WET-EffectiveManage).

For more details of the series please go to the Wetlands Management Series.  
The individual manuals can be downloaded from the WRC website or ordered in hard copy.
For more information contact Publications at Tel: 012 330 0340; Fax 012 331 2565; E-mail orders@wrc.org.za; or visit www.wrc.org.za