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Wetlands of South Africa
by Geoff Cowan
Published by the Department of
Environmental Affairs and Tourism

  Chapter Title Size
South Africa and the Ramsar Convention 376 kb
Wetland regions of South Africa 392 kb
Alpine mires of the Eastern Highlands of Lesotho 580 kb
4 Riparian wetlands 860 kb
General overview of the mangroves of South Africa 1,2 mb
6 The Endorheic pans of South Africa 1,2 mb
7 South African coastal lakes   1,4 mb
8  South African coral reef communities
 560 kb
9  Grebes - Podicipedidae
 300 kb
10  Pelecaniform birds in South African wetlands
960 kb 
11  Migratory birds
 740 kb
12  Wetlands and reptiles - a review
 728 kb
13 Amphibia   860 kb
14  Wetland associated mammals
 1,2 mb
15  Wetlands and water-specific parasitic diseases
in humans in Southern Africa

 1,2 mb
16  Water pollution in South Africa :
Its impacts on wetland biota

 920 kb
17  Wetland Losses in South Africa
 348 kb
18  Wise use of wetlands
by rural indigenous communities :
The Kosi Bay Nature Reserve

 660 kb
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